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Not as many blogs as I would have hoped

E2EVC Amsterdam 2018

E2EVC 2018 Amsterdam I'm preparing to go to the E2EVC event in Athens on 1 November, so it's about time I publish my report from the last event in Amsterdam In the …

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PubForum aka E2EVC

It was early November 2008 on a thursday afternoon and I was working at the support department of RES Software when a manager came in asking who wanted to go …

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What’s in a name?

People are often wondering where the company name Airdeca comes from, so let’s get that mystery out of the way. It’s quite simple actually, depending on what language you speak. …

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Wat is dat nou voor naam?

Mensen vragen vaak waar mijn bedrijfsnaam vandaan komt, dus dat zal ik gelijk even verduidelijken. Op zich is het niet zo moeilijk, vooral als je Nederlands spreekt. Want fonetisch is …

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All kinds of training

The training I deliver, is not limited to IT. Recently I booked a big success with the football (the Americans call it soccer) team I play in. I also volunteer …

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