"Training & Consulting"

About Airdeca

When you view my career the words ‘Jack of all trades’ may spring to mind, in the Netherlands we have a saying for it that roughly translates to ’12 professions, 13 accidents’. All these different jobs have left me with a lot of experience in different types of industry. I like to believe that it demonstrates my ability to recognize and seize opportunities when they present themselves. For a somewhat more detailed CV, I would like to refer to my LinkedIn page.


Here is a summary of what I’ve done so far:

My first job after leaving high school was at a bicycle shop repairing bicycles. This was mainly to bridge the gap between high school and getting drafted into the Dutch Military but it got me my basic technical skills. In the army I got my driver’s license including the one that allowed me to drive a truck. Since my dad was a truck driver and I had spent numerous vacation days riding along with him, I decided to follow in his foot steps and became a truck driver as well.

After a few years I got the opportunity to take my family from a small 3 bedroom apartment in the city to a big house in the countryside of Brabant in the south of the Netherlands and became acting manager on a lumber yard. Next to woodworking skills, these 6 years gave me some basic management and accounting skills.


After a brief reunion with the logistics industry (with a very interesting year as a test driver, testing prototype trucks for DAF Trucks) I decided to try my luck in IT. I entered an educational program organized by the city of Eindhoven and got MCSE certified in 6 months’ time. A few months later I found myself training the MCSE curriculum to other students in similar education programs. It was in the late nineties, companies were desperately searching for people with computer skills and they couldn’t afford to be picky. Looking back I still can’t believe I had the nerve to stand in front of a class without any experience or background knowledge but I pulled it off. This is where I discovered my talent and my passion for training that has stayed with me all these years.


After these training days I got a job at Atos Origin as a Windows administrator and here I learned what it was really like to work in IT. In the summer of 2006 I was introduced to the products of RES Software and instantly fell for their Automation product called RES Wisdom. After attending a training course at the RES offices in Den Bosch I knew I wanted to work for that company and a year later it was a fact, I started as Support Engineer. Four years later I became a trainer at RES delivering their training curriculum to customers and colleagues all around the world. It was like a dream come true.


At the end of 2017, after more than 10 years, my time at RES ended and I decided to use my knowledge and experience as an independent trainer/consultant. And this is how Airdeca training and Consulting came to be.